No One to Date

Seasonal Dating


Warm weather is the start of people taking vacations and relaxing, so there should be little surprise that many people find someone to date as the cold months warm up toward summer. It can seem like a winter without any dates lasted forever, but the change of seasons can herald good surprises for those who are still seeking a partner for life. Going on vacation may be one way to meet someone new, but just taking a walk in the local park could have the same result. Getting out of the house and having a bit of fun might be all that is necessary to break out of the dating desert.

There are lucky couples who meet in other seasons than summer, but it seems that the odds favour singles in a dry spell when the weather warms. The dating desert they endured when the weather was cold might have been due to the fact people tend to remain at home on cold days. It could be that people are less relaxed, or it might even be that winter holidays are a time for family and close friends.

Meeting other singles is a hit or miss proposition in many cases, and even online resources can dry up at times. When singles do meet, it can be difficult to get past the awkwardness of asking and accepting a date. It can also be wrenching to get past even a single date at times. Being more relaxed and able to move about under a sunny sky could create a better atmosphere for dating too.

The bar for dating may seem to be set too high during the cold months of the year, but casually accepting a date from a new acquaintance when on vacation or visiting the beach for a day seems more acceptable. Breaking the dating dry spell just seems easier then, and it can lead to a good relationship before the cold strikes again.