No One to Date

A Lack of Compatibility


Dating is about finding someone with many of the same interests in life. Both people must have some foundation on which to base their relationship. Two people must be able to share enough commonalities to feel a connection. There are many lifestyles in the world today, and that makes it difficult to find someone who is truly compatible. While many people might share one or two interests and hobbies, it is often difficult to find someone whose lifestyle will match with another's. This makes dating an interesting mix of learning new things and moving on to the next possible relationship.

One of the more pleasant aspects of dating is being in a comfortable relationship with another person. After two people have gotten to know each other, their relationship might become physically intimate. This is a big step to take if both people are looking for a long term commitment. Until both of them are ready, it is best to not be physically intimate. Having a fuck buddy is a good idea until the dating relationship becomes physical. It relieves physical pressure and makes waiting easier for both parties.

People who are serious about dating are often uncertain about the benefits of having fuck buddies. They may believe it detracts from forming a permanent commitment. This is untrue because the buddy has no plans to ever form a permanent relationship. Their need is to simply to have a partner who is interested in casual sex. They have no attachment to any particular person, and they don't really want one. Physical relief is their only goal.

Waiting to find the right person before making a commitment is the best way to have a relationship. Physical pressures should never be an issue at this time. Making sure a person's physical needs are taken care of while waiting can enhance the dating relationship. If there is no pressure to move on to being intimate, then both partners can wait until they are truly comfortable with each other. This lack of pressure allows both partners to be ready for the commitment and consequences of being physically intimate.